Selling your Home?

Tarboro Realty will handle all aspects of marketing your home and ensuring that your home gets maximum exposure so that you get the price that you’re looking for. Tarboro Realty will answer all of your questions and assist you throughout the selling process.

Tarboro Realty can also assist in all areas of your relocation.

Home Selling Tips

Select a Realtor

One of the most important decisions you will make in the sale of your home is the selection of your Realtor. Our most important suggestion is to find someone you feel comfortable with. If you can’t ask your Realtor questions, you have the wrong Realtor. He or she should have research to back up any recommendations. This includes information about recent sales, current and recently expired listings in your neighborhood.

Ask the Realtor to show you what will be done to market your home. Look for a Realtor who tells you what he or she knows from experience in the market, not just what they think you want to hear.

The Price is Right

There are many reasons to set the price at a fair and competitive price. When your home sells faster, you save carrying costs, mortgage payments and other ownership costs. When a home is priced right, buyers fear they may lose out on a good home, so they are less likely to make “low ball offers.” By selling your home faster, you can get back to the lifestyle you had before your house was on the market. No more worries about keeping the house extra clean or making special arrangements during showings. Your bottom line is better: you net more both in terms of actual sale price and in less carrying costs when you set the sale price correctly.

Consider First Offers

Sellers often believe that the first offer received will be the first of many. Sometimes the seller will hold out for a higher price. This can be especially true if an offer comes in right after the home goes on the market. Experience has shown that the first offer may be the best offer. Sometimes an experienced buyer is waiting in the wings for a house. They might have lost a bid on another house, know that your home is priced right, or just have good luck. Your home gets more recognition in the beginning of the marketing period while it is the “new house on the market”. If you pass on the first offer, you may end up “settling” for less later!

Don’t “over-improve”

Sellers often spend thousands of dollars doing the wrong upgrades to their homes prior to selling them in the mistaken belief that they will recoup this cost. If you are upgrading your home for your personal enjoyment – great! But if you are thinking of selling, be aware that only certain upgrades are cost effective. Consult with your Realtor BEFORE upgrading your home. Realtors work closely with buyers so they know which improvements buyers truly value and can help you to ensure you see a return on your investment!

Make a Good First Impression

First impressions count with buyers. In today’s age of consumerism, every buyer is comparative shopping. A small investment in time and money can give your home a solid advantage over competing properties. In other words, by paying attention to detail now, you will enhance the perceived value later. The following are some suggestions for preparing your home to show its best.

At The Front Door

  • Ensure the doorbell works
  • Repair screen on door
  • Fresh paint or varnish front door
  • Repair door locks and key access

Maintain the Exterior

  • Keep lawns well maintained
  • Trim hedges and shrubs
  • Weed and edge gardens
  • Clear driveway and clean up oil spills
  • Clean out garage
  • Touch up paint
  • Make repairs where needed

Set the Mood

  • Turn on lights
  • Turn on air conditioner/heater
  • Open the drapes
  • Light the fireplace

Remove the Clutter

  • Clear halls and stairs of clutter
  • Store surplus furniture
  • Clear kitchen counter and stovetop
  • Clear closets of unnecessary clothing
  • Remove empty boxes and containers

Pay Attention to Details

  • Repair leaky taps and toilets
  • Clean furnace and filters
  • Tighten doorknobs and latches
  • Repair cracked plaster
  • Touch up paint
  • Clean and repair windows
  • Repair seals around tubs and basins
  • Replace defective light bulbs
  • Oil squeaky doors
  • Repair squeaking floor boards


  • Clean and freshen bathrooms
  • Clean refrigerator and stove (in and out)
  • Clean around heating vents
  • Clean washer and dryer
  • Clean carpets, drapes and window blinds.